Studio Rules
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Below are the Studio Rules to make sure everyone has a most triumphant time!

Bookings begin at the time you book for, no earlier and ends at the time it’s booked for. If you require additional time to set up, move things, load/unload please book appropriately.

NO PARKING on St. Vincent Street parking lot. [This is for laundry mat customers only]
There are 4 parking spots available in front of the studio, additionally you will find parking available in lots next to us, however there is a strict NO OVERNIGHT parking rule in affect in lots that are not our own.

No pets, unless permission has been granted in writing.

Furniture is not to be dragged across the floor. If something needs to be moved, please pick it up and carry it or ask us for help if needed.

Our Bluetooth speaker is available to be used, but noise needs to be kept to a reasonable level that is fair and respectable as we do have tenants above the studio.

Please put garbage + recycling where it should go and we ask that all food garbage goes home with you.

No glitter.

No smoking/vaping.

No outdoor footwear to be worn past the entrance unless written permission has been granted.

Have a booking inquiry?